2012 Malindi Marathon

Rotary club of Malindi would like to anounce that the 2012 Malindi Marathon was very successful...


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Pupils, teachers and the Gede community near the Jimba Primary School in Malindi District, now have a reason to smile as they can pursue knowlege and information more deeply on completion of a library facility funded by a donation of Ksh. 560,000 from the
Rotary Club of Abingdon in the U.K.

The Rotary Club of Malindi carried out the construction hosted in what used to be an abandoned classroom.

During one of the visits to monitor the project progress, the President of the Rotary Club Malindi, Mr. Charles Muriungi, said, he was satisfied at the pace of work and was looking forward to the completion so that the pupils seeking knowledge from the Jimba Gede area could benefit from the library.  The installations were good and to the required standard.
„The constructor, Mr. Feisal Osman, did a good job and was to be paid for his work and all details of the transaction sent to the Rotary Club of Abingdon.  Rotarian Heidi Reil is responsible to send on the information“.

The library contractor, Mr. Feisal Osman, of Osman Hobby Contrators, who is a senior Charter Member of Rotary Club Malindi, was asked to make minor changes to the section between the roof and walls, so bats were unable to enter and inhabit the ceiling areas.  Club memebers praised the Constructor for doing good work in making the facility a friendly and welcoming place  to study and a good example of the achievements of Rotary World Wide.

„I am happy to have participated in making the library a reality and as I hand it over, I would also like to see those interested in knowlege benefit, not only using the nice atmosphere of the library but also reading the books which will soon be supplied to the school“, said Rotarian Osman.  He and Club members hope that donators will supply books to the facility in all areas of education.

The chairs and tables are painted with the colours to match the school uniform.  The school itself is in an environmentally friendly area surrounded by coconut palms and other trees.

A mathematics, Swahili and CRE teacher of the school, Patience Nyale, expressed deep satisfaction, noting that the facility would play a major role in creating a comfortable learning atmosphere for pupils, teachers and the communtiy surrounding the school, who will be allowed access to the library.  The teacher was all smiles as she thanked the Rotary Club of Malindi, who was able to carry out the project due to the generous donation of
RC Abingdon, England.

The school head teacher, Mr. Mzungu Lewa, who was away attending duties, was very keen to see the libary facility create interest in reading and gaining knowlege among the school community and neighbouring pupils.  Four pupils from the standard 6 class expressed joy
at the provision of the library.  
The contractor, Rotarian Osman, ensured that „all the work was done according to the required standards to ensure that once the books are provided, the children will be able to read in a conductive atmosphere, so that they earn knowledge not only to perform better in their examinations but to have a good view about life in general“.

The library has been installed with metal grill doors to ensure that the books are secure, while the shelves have locks, explained Rotarian Osman.  The donor club has assured the school to provide funding for the required books.

The library will have a capacity to host approx. 500,000 books and can seat up to 60 pupils.
The school management has been asked to prepare a list of the books needed, so that the correct ones will be aquired.

8.02.2012,  Robert Nyagah, Journalist

(Mr. Nyaga is from the Daily Nation newspaper in Kenya.)